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Connected Car Solutions

Spinac Smart provides solutions for connected cars where you are able to control your vehicles remotely through your smart phone wherever you are without distance limitations. Our solutions cater for both personal needs as well as for business fleet management.


Remote start/lock and unlock doors (requires an optional kit)

Location & GPS

Locate your car anytime, log in trips and print SARS logbook

Vehicle manager

Vehicle self health diagnosis, drivers’ behaviour and maintenance


Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity for your passengers on the go


Roadside assistance, medical assistance and vehicle recovery
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Spinacsmart offers plug and play connected car as well as hard-wired solutions with an optional remote access and control kit to unlock and lock the doors and to remotely start your motor vehicle. The OBD II module is best suited for personal use and will provide vehicle access through a 3G connection. Depending on the make and the year your car was manufactured, ODB II module in conjunction with our remote start kit will give you the ability to control the locking and unlocking of your car remotely, access to GPS, access to dash board and key metrics, driving style reports, car diagnosis and possible trouble shooting, and smart starting. All these are operated through the use of your smart phone from our mobile app. Our hard-wired solutions are suited for vehicle tracking with vehicle recovery option for insurance purposes.

We supply Lemonade OBD module which is a plug and play solution and avoids messy wiring on your car. Installation is easy with a step by step guidance provided and included in your product package. All you need is (i) a compatible car, see below under vehicle compatibility, (ii) a product of your choice as listed below and (iii) a smartphone. We will either deliver your product which will take from 2 to 15 days or you can pick your product at our offices.

Vehicle compatibility
OBDLink™ MX Wi-Fi and OBDLink™ LX Bluetooth work with all 1996 and newer model cars and light trucks sold in the South Africa including all American, European, and Asian manufactured vehicles.

Product list

OBDLink™ MX Wi-Fi OBDLink™ LX Bluetooth
obd OBDLink
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Make your car or your fleet smart in three easy steps

Step 1: Buy a product and install in your vehicle

  • OBD II module is a DIY product, no professional installation is required. (note: Remote starter will still require professional installation); or
  • Hard-wired GPS product (note: this will require professional installation)

Step 2: Download the mobile app or visit our fleet platform
Below are some of the available 3rd party apps, please note that some are at a charge.

  • OBDLink (free, exclusive)
  • Dash
  • Torque Pro
  • obdCANex
  • DashCommand

There are various other apps that you can download for your smart phone or tablet depending on your needs.

Step 3: Log in using the account we created for you; and enjoy your smart car experience